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Revolutionize the way you manage your data. No matter the industry, our software helps you collect your leads, remain compliant, maximize your data returns and stay ahead of the competition.

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Listflex Products

Listflex offers powerful tools to make your lead management easy. With us you can automate every step of your process.

Data Routing and Storage

Accepting and routing your leads to multiple destination while validating them in real time can be very complex. Listflex streamlines this process for you with a simple interface.

  • Accept and validate your leads
  • Send leads out in real time or as aged data
  • Turn on our multi-level data suppression and validation
  • Use our API builder to integrate with your lead buyers
  • Send your data out using Ping/Post
  • Meter out lead delivery with our delay feature
  • Use our success/fail redirect mechanism
  • Take advantage of our extensive compliance features


Proving consumer consent is a critical piece of scaling a data business successfully. We've simplified compliance so that any company can be protected.

  • Capture screenshots of consumer actions
  • No traffic limit
  • Allow your lead buyers to access screenshots for free
  • Store screenshots for 7 years
  • One monthly flat fee / No additional storage fees
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Data Cleaning and Validation

Validing the information submitted by your leads is crucial to any business serious about growth. Listflex's robust validation is just what you need.

  • Scrub your data against our gigantic TCPA database
  • Validate phone numbers
  • Determine phone types (mobile/landline)
  • Validate email addresses; our accuracy is unmatched
  • Auto-correct common email misspellings
  • Reject duplicates going back a defined number of days
  • Dedupe against specific lists or your entire database
  • Scrub your data against your suppression files
  • Seed your outgoing data for compliance
  • Validate and auto-correct U.S. physical addresses

Our Pricing

We have two simple plans. One is for lower volume customers, the other is for higher volume customers. There are NO set up fees and NO long-term contracts.

Low Volume

$ 97 /mo *


  • 0 - 50,000 @ $0.01/lead
  • 50,000 - 500,000 @ $0.005/lead
  • 500,001+ @ $0.0025/lead

  • * $97 is waived if imported leads exceed 9,700 per month.   
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High Volume

$ 1,500 /mo *


  • Unlimited imports @ $0.001/lead
  • Premium support
  • FREE business strategy

  • * $1500 is waived if imported leads exceed 1,500,000 per month.   
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Our Happy Customers

Our customers put millions of leads through our system every single day. Here is what some of they are saying...

Who is Listflex for?

Listflex is used to great effect by Offer Owners, Lead Agencies, Data Brokers, Affiliate Networks, Mailers, Call Centers.

Are there fees for additional users?

No, you can create as many users as you please. On top of that all your lead buyers get an optional free account to manage data they get from you.

Does Listflex do call routing or affiliate software?

No, we don’t. Listflex is 100% dedicated to automating everything after a lead is purchased or generated via your forms. Our goal is to help you generate and deliver the perfect lead every time.

Is there live support?

Yes, we have staff available to assist you with any questions. We are happy to set up group trainings or schedule live calls anytime as well.

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Our staff is available to answer questions 24/7.

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