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"Using Listflex has done one thing that every entrepreneur looks for, it has given me more time”

Hameet S.

“I've used list cleaning services in the past, this is a list cleaning service on steroids'! ....It's Robust as Hell software, if you do any sort of data management you want this software...”

Justin Francisco

“The Listflex guys have been absolutely incredible to work with. They work with me on strategy and are extremely quick and responsive.”
Paul D
"Listflex has completely changed the email marketing game for us and a lot of our partners. It's simple to use and gives us everything we need to manage lots of lists and email delivery. Thousands of dollars in lost revenue is now back in our pockets."
John S
"Yes, I'm staying calm, my plan is still to scale very gradually, watch stats, inbox rates and all that stuff. In the 8 years I've been email marketing, I've never had conversion rates like this, but again I'm staying grounded."
Jon B.
United Kingdom

Email Marketer Doubled his business in 2 months after trying for 10 years

“Almost don't want to do this testimonial because I don't want anyone to actually know I use this...”
Johnnie B.
“I work with about 5 different ESP and frankly my data was all over the place before working with increased my opens, clicks and ultimately my my media buying efforts I'm able to optimize too better audiences, better traffic and insights on who I'm targeting”
Newsletter Creator

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