Call Centers

Here is why Listflex is for you.

If you own a call center

You need a simple way to
manage A Lot of lists & partners
before you dial.

Implementing Listflex

Implementing Listflex in front of your dialer will give you clear and simple insight into all of your lists, partners and filtered leads – before you dial. This makes it easy for you to focus more on the backend sales process and fine-tuning your sales people.

The Old Days

The old days of trusting that your lead providers are working to only send you premium data is long gone. Call centers need a layer of insulation between the leads and their dialer to ensure every lead is safe to call. 

We Solve Call Center Problems

what can we do for you?

Lead Validating

With one click you can validate phone numbers on real time feeds or uploaded leads...

Lead Cleansing

Scrub leads against our Free TCPA database, suppression files and other filters...

Lead Routing

Easily map leads from your client to any dialing system with our "simple API" system...

We Invented The...

"Lead Import Waterfall"

Now you can collect leads from all of your partners with confidence before you call them.

And after you bring in the perfect lead, you can automate and route it to your dialer at any speed you want. Throttle leads out quickly or slowly.

1 Click "Waterfall" Filters

Filter Out Bad Leads

Call Centers


You can set up Listflex in a couple minutes and make it easy for your lead providers to API leads into your system. No complicated set up or integrations.

Collect Leads

When leads hit your Listflex system, you can automate things like real time TCPA check, de-duping, phone validation, suppression lists, real time appending & a bunch more simultaneously. Your partners can’t see all of the checks you’re running behind the scenes, but you’ll only ever accept or collect good leads.

Send Leads

You probably have multiple partner lists and multiple dialer API’s you need leads sent to. You can easily map and automate leads coming in from any list and out to your dialer. With a few clicks, you can set up rules that make it easy to only ever send the perfect lead to your destination every time. The bonus is you can API leads to your dialer as slow or fast as you prefer.


Creating a layer of security and filters between yourlead partners and diale will help you make more money and decrease the odds of unnecessary consumer complaints. Spend less money on bad leads & wasted agent hours while watching your existing business and leads perform better at every turn.

5 Reasons To Secretly Park Listflex On Your Offers

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Listflex will give you a simple interface to manage all of your leads partners, filters and routing. No complicated set up requiring expensive technical teams. With a few clicks, you can be set up and fully automate leads to your dialers.

Validation, Filters & TCPA Check
Organizing Leads & Mapping
Create & Map API's
Partner Transparency & Reporting

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