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The majority of Listflex customers sign up to simply solve problems with their lead validation process that exist in their specific business with leads. Most of the time wanting to stop receiving bad leads from their partners, improve their email sender reputation, or they just want a simple all-in-one solution for accepting and moving leads from different platforms.

But like anything else, there are always marketers that figure out how to push tools like Listflex in creative ways to make themselves more money. And there’s nothing more exciting for me than to help a company get creative in how they apply Listflex to their new idea. It’s usually something totally unorthaox and pretty cool to see. If that’s you, schedule a free strategy call with us, we can help you out.

Below I’m going to outline 3 basic ways you can set up a nice business for yourself using Listflex as the backbone. These ideas can be pulled off by virtually anyone, with or without a team and in pretty short order.

If you ever want to brainstorm any of these for your personal business, just email us. I would love to learn more about you and help you scale something up.

Sell or Broker Leads

Your Role:
Acquire leads from data suppliers, lead brokers or offer owners to sell to companies who need them for marketing their product.

Listflex Role:
You can quickly silo different lead providers (vendors) for organization and reporting of their lead lists.  You can then easily map and route those leads to companies wanting to buy them and track lead costs, sales & your margins.

Email Marketers:
Email marketers are probably the easiest target audience when looking to pair leads up with a buyer. Every vertical and niche has marketers wanting more leads to send email to. Find out what the email client’s perfect lead is and source them. Listflex will give you the ability to clean, verify, append and extract the lead data so that it’s a perfect email lead every time.

Call Centers:
Call centers can be a whale for buying leads. There are typically a few hoops to jump through when working with call centers, but they chew up phone leads faster than anything we have ever seen. A lot of industries require 350 fresh dialing leads per day, per agent. So only 10 agents on a given project requires 3,500 leads a day. Find out who the call centers are, what they need, and feed their machine.

Brand deals can be a little bit tougher to close, but can be massive. Brands typically have all of the moving parts dialed in, so you can plug in leads to their existing process and follow ups. There’s typically a lot more long term upside with brands, but usually lower volume. So you might sell them less leads, depending on their process, but the margins can be much higher on these deals.

* Note: I get a lot of questions about compliance. Compliance in buying or selling leads is an entirely different conversation. It’s imperative that you seek advice or counsel when buying or selling leads so that you know what you can legally do with the consumer’s information.

Lead Validation & Filtering 

Your Role:
Offer “agency style – a la carte” lead validation & lead management services to companies and marketers that consume or send a lot of leads.

Listflex Role:
Listflex will be the engine that automates the entire flow in and out of leads. You can create as many lead vendors (sources) as you want, and have all their lists neatly organized.  At the same time, you can create and deploy the clean validated leads back to them via API. You can also offer these companies a back office for full transparency on leads you validate and everything they do with you.

Solve Problems:
Most marketers and companies have one issue – tech guys. The majority think about solving their lead issues and immediately relate it to high $$ tech guys and help. When you simply learning how to use Listflex to import and send data, you can offer people a huge list of luxuries and filters without them adding on more employees.

Tech costs drive a lot of decisions. How long will this take? How much will it cost? Will It slow down the other priorities we have…..and so on. You giving lead companies a long list of luxuries without adding more payroll and overhead is a huge win for everyone.

Email Marketers, Offers Owners, Call Centers, Affiliate Networks, Direct Mailers and Media Buyers are all easy clients to work with. Everyone moving traffic or leads has their plate full and can benefit from you playing a middleman role.

You will make more money, and so will your clients. Your clients will pay for fewer leads, will be sending out better leads and the entire marketing/re-marketing funnel operates with less garbage and more margin.

List Management For Email Marketing

Your Role:
Use Listflex to manage leads from different sources for sending email. In this circumstance, you will be the one physically deploying the emails for the list owners for a fee or 50% of revenue.

ESP’s | Servers | SMTP’s:
No matter what method of sending email is your personal preference, the best part about this model is that your data partners (vendors) will be the one who signs up for the accounts to send email.

So instead of you worrying about having all of your eggs in one email basket, or getting kicked off of a platform, you will require the partner to set up the accounts. After the accounts are set up, you will simply create the autoresponders & campaigns that you will both benefit from.

Running List Management and email for companies is one of the best kept secrets. You can ramp up as many customers as you want and simply control all of the lead quality and flow using Listflex. Once you have a few good templates and autoresponders in place, you can cut and paste your way to a ton of new business.  Higher payouts from networks or companies along with most of it being automated.

How To Charge:
My personal opinion here is that you do a 50/50 revshare and deduct your fixed/hard costs.
This ensures that any fees you incur, like from using Listflex, simply get deducted from the gross revenue created. From there you split the remainder. This model helps make sure that any fixed fees you take on are factored into the equation and accounted for.

Any offers or accounts with networks need to be in your company name. The checks & bank wires need to come to you first. From there you can draft reports (do it by the 15th of the next month) back to the list owners of what you owe them. The list owners will create the accounts that you physically deploy emails from, but the offers & networks you run offers with should pay you directly.

Create your plan on who you can help in the marketing world and take action. Start talking to people you want to work with, and ask them what problems they have with leads.

If you want to do a strategy call with me or our tea click here or just email contact@listflex.com and we will set it up. Carving out a business like the above could give you the time and financial freedom most people long for during this crazy time in our world.

Go get it.

Scott Heistand

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