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Here is why Listflex is for you.

If you're An Affiliate

You need a way to
collect & manage leads

Implementing Listflex

If you’re an affiliate, setting up Listflex will give you a safe place to store all of the leads you collect from your forms before the consumer is introduced to offers or a path. Building niche specific lists through media buys or arbitrage is big business for affiliates, and we make managing the leads easy.

The Old Days

The old days of just pushing traffic to an offer with no lead magnet, tripwire or email submit are long gone. Smart affiliate marketers are building massive email lists while they push traffic to affiliate offers.

We Solve Lead Problems For Affiliates

what can we do for you?

Lead Validating

Validate the emails, phones or contact information on your forms for media buys or arbitrage.

Lead Cleansing

Your leads and traffic will be worth more because you can run a list of checks to ensure the leads are real and safe to call or email.

Lead Routing

Route leads to your own email service providers or call centers to scale up more revenue for your personal traffic and distribution.

We Invented The...

"Lead Import Waterfall"

Now you can generate, API or upload leads from your forms with 100% confidence.

After you bring in the perfect lead, you can automate and route it anywhere – seamlessly.

1 Click "Waterfall" Filters

Filter Out Bad Leads

Affiliate Marketers


You can set up Listflex live on your forms and have it scan up to 20 checks, validations and filters in fractions of a second, or you can
simply API the leads in at your leisure. All of the filters are “one click” so that you don’t need a technical person but can increase the quality of your leads and traffic.

Collect Leads

When leads hit your offer, you can automate things like de-duping, email validation, phone validation, suppression lists, real time appending & a bunch more simultaneously. If the traffic fails your filters or checks, you can redirect the lead to a different thank you page so that bad traffic doesn’t get to your premium clients. 

Send Leads

You probably have multiple offers and multiple places you need leads sent to for email or to call. You can easily map and automate leads coming in from any offer and out to your destination(s). With a few clicks, you can set up rules that make it easy to only ever send the perfect lead to your destination every time.


Improving your lead collection process will increase the quality of your traffic, leads and help you make more money. It decreases the odds of unnecessary consumer complaints for your clients as well. Now you can spend less money on bad leads and traffic and watch your existing business and leads perform better at every turn for you and your partners.

5 Reasons To Secretly Park Listflex On Your Offers

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Accepting and routing your leads to multiple destination while validating email, phone, addresses and more in real-time can be very complex. Listflex streamlines this process for you with a simple interface.

Build & Manage Lists
Validate email addresses
Create & Map API's
Identify Traffic Sources & Routing

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