The #1 Consumer Data Management Software - Period!

  • Get More Data

    Buy it, revshare it, generate It. Unlimited lists. Bring it on!

  • Sort, Sift & Clean

    Prioritize, clean and deliver better data than you ever have before.

  • Optimize Customers

    Line up the customers. No data crossover. Drive up your lead value.

  • Versatile Data Delivery

    Real-time API, batch files, FTP, back office or delayed. We automate it all for you.

  • Monitor Reports

    Easily watch incoming leads, orders, customers, lists & more.

  • Count Money

    Full blown accounting system. Flat rate or revshares. It's all good.

Who's Making More Money With Listflex?

Data Brokers

Any industry, any vertical. We make complicated selling and tracking effortless.

Call Centers

Files, APIs, partials, buyers, real time or aged. You might never use excel again.

Email Marketers

Cleaner data. Include/Exclude any ISP. Throttle. Integrate your ESP. Make it rain.

Affiliate Networks

Do more for your advertisers and your internal offers. Keep advertisers. Make more $$.

Offer Owners

Split test call centers, emailers and data buyers. Cascade orders and drive up lead prices.

Direct Mail

Sorting data by custom selects has never been easier. Custom requests are a snap.

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Real Time Import

Generate new APIs with no technical support needed

Data Cleansing

Multiple layers of filters to accept, clean and sell data

ESP Integrations

Automate real time or delayed delivery to any 3rd party ESP

Unlimited Lists

Generate, buy & manage as much data as you can handle


Buy/Sell, revshares, lists, sales people, referrals. It's in there.

Cool Tools

Custom fields, list similarities, post logs, reject reports & more

Automated Seeding

Stay one step ahead of mailers with automated seeding

Custom Fields

Any specific vertical and data fields are easily captured

Suppression Files

Manage a master file and individual client suppression files

Back Offices

Vendors and Clients both have access to secure accounts

Automated Delivery

Automate any data order. API, batched, real time or delayed.

Filtered Delivery

Include or exclude zips, states, gender, countries, ESPs & more.

"The Listflex guys have been absolutely incredible to work with. While I am not one of their biggest clients, they have treated me as if I was since I signed up. They work with me on strategy and are extremely quick and responsive whenever I need them. I would highly recommend ListFlex to anyone that is in the hunt for a good list management software."

Paul, Florida

"Using Listflex has done one thing that every entrepreneur looks for, it has given me more time. With the features and options already placed in the platform, it has simplified the workflow of my company. I highly recommend this system for anyone that deals with data."

Hameet, Arizona

"It's a pretty amazing feeling when you're watching small teams push six and seven figures using this."

Scott Heistand, Founder


Still Not Convinced?..

We take funnels and we make them better.


It's no secret that most marketers and advertisers focus on the 1 piece of their funnel carrying the load of return they need to break even. However, there's a great list of missed opportunities in their data process that require almost no additional effort, but that can add huge margin to the bottom line.

We learned that there is such a thing as a "one man band".

What happens when someone thinks they are leaving the IM industry and finds listflex?

One of the greatest experiences to date with the software was watching someone (with no tech skills) who thought they were leaving the industry use the software to create the real American dream. Six figure income, work from home, no set hours and a business that's theirs and virtually on cruise control.

How important is customer support for you?

Here is a typical way service providers treat their customers - once you've signed the paperwork and made your first payment, they forget you exist. How important is it for you to be able to pick up your phone, dial a support number and be connected with a live human being within seconds? Here at ListFlex we are all about extraordinary customer experience; it starts with our pricing and ends with our outstanding customer support every step of the way. We don't simply provide on-point, timely customer support, but also work with our customers to develop new software features. Our feedback-driven software development has brought to market the most comprehensive data management platform ever constructed, and we have no plans of abandoning that model any time soon.

Take the first step and request a demo.

Take a quick moment to request the demo. We will give you a call and go through some basic information on where you're at with your business and where you would like to see it go. We will review current opportunities, missed opportunities, existing relationships, potential relationships and more. Over the past 14 years we have been on all sides of the IM space from building offers, running ad networks, mailing and at one point owning a call center. Our experiences have allowed us to build this great system for all of the people who are currently experiencing the same pains we did with data and partners as we grew our companies. If data is in any way a part of your life, we can help you.

Here is a short list of Mass Email Platforms that our software is automatically integrated with.

Constant Contact, SendReach, eMercury Email, iContact, aWeber, GoldBar Email, GetResponse, Interspire, ReachMail, RedCappi, SendPepper and many more. What if you come up with one that ListFlex is not integrated with? Well, our team of programmers is one of the best in the world for a good reason. It usually takes us a few hours to program in an integration with just about any software you can think of.

A word on security.

We take pride in providing a state of the art cloud infrastructure for our clients. We use high-end, proprietary firewalls to protect our network from prying eyes of hackers. Data security is our top priority, that's why we have spared no expense to stay on the cutting edge of new security protocols and equipment.

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