5 Reasons To Secretly Park Listflex On Your Offers

Why You Need Listflex


About a year ago we decided to add a new feature that makes it easy for Listflex customers to automatically redirect good leads or bad leads to different thank you URL’s. The good leads go to a success redirect URL, the bad leads go to a different non-pixeled URL. Certainly a simple concept, but I had no idea how much it meant to our current customers.

In this post I’m going to talk about the top 5 Free filters that cost per lead marketers use most when they set up Listflex to validate their leads and forms. When you decide to implement these on your offers, there’s an avalanche of benefits that begin instantly. 

You immediately realize you’re paying for less leads, but the leads you’re getting are better and match your exact criteria. You quickly see that your email campaigns have higher open & click through rates and are making you more money with fewer leads. If you collect phones, you see an immediate spike in your connect rates, which means agents need fewer leads to produce more results. And the list of benefits goes on.

With that being said, here are the top 5 Free Listflex filters that cost per lead marketers turn on in their offers & forms.

1. Redirect Leads To Success or Fail URL’s

This filter allows you to redirect leads to a success redirect URL if the lead passes your rules, and a different fail redirect URL if it doesn’t. The success path has a tracking pixel, the fail redirect does not.

Why It’s Important:

You will quickly see that 5-15% of leads get filtered out when you use Listflex. That 5-15% multiplied by your current lead cost adds up very quickly. You send the leads that fail any rule to a “Fail Redirect URL” saving you a lot of money and it’s a path you can still monetize with other offers.

2. Dedupe Back 

This filter allows you to choose if you want to accept (and pay for) duplicates on any offer or list, and how far back you’re willing to allow them.

Why It’s Important:

Paying for the same lead twice usually doesn’t make a lot of sense. Having a flexible option on the offer itself, entire database or specific lists gives you the choice on if you want to pay for and accept duplicates, even if you have multiple offers or landing pages.

3.TCPA Scrub

This filter allows you to screen your leads against a database of known TCPA litigants and phone numbers related to those people or their attorneys.

Why It’s Important:

TCPA lawsuits against marketers and their partners is out of control. This filter could potentially save you countless thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal fees from predatory consumers and lawyers.

4. Level 1 Email Scrub

This filter gives you access to screen your leads against the personal suppression file built by Listflex. This database is filled with poison and has been growing for 10 years.


Why It’s Important: 

Listflex has over 10 Million email addresses and phone numbers that are threats or potentially harmful to your marketing efforts. This database is updated daily from a list of different companies and partners identifying threats and bad leads.

5. Append Missing Fields

This filter allows you to leverage existing leads in your Listflex system to append missing fields to new leads you’re generating.

Why It’s Important:

Anytime you have the ability to add phone numbers, email addresses or other consumer information to your leads, the more valuable it becomes. Audience building and re-targeting are the new gold, so the more info you have on the lead, the better.


  • It takes less than 1 second to run these filters on your form
  • The 5 filters above are all free with a Listflex subscription
  • There are many other free and paid filters available
  • This works with real time forms or importing files
  • No technical experience needed to use these filters

Real life Cost Per Lead Scenario:

Let’s say you’re running a political CPL email submit offer with 2-3 major ad networks. Here’s an example of just the front end savings portion. The failed leads could easily be higher than 10% from what I have seen, but the savings is undeniable.

Without Listflex:
Cost Per Lead = $3.50
Leads Per Day = 200
Daily lead cost = $700.00
Monthly Lead Cost = $21,000.00
With Listflex:
Cost Per Lead = $3.50
Leads Per Day = 200 – 10% Failed
Actual Leads Per Day = 180
Daily lead cost = $630.00
Monthly Lead Cost = $18,900.00

Savings Per Month = $2,100.00
Savings Per Year = $25,200.00

Here’s a sample of what a typical day could look like for you.

The Red numbers on the screenshot below represent leads that “failed” the filters. This screenshot also shows the reasons they failed for each list.

When you’re ready to take control over every lead you pay for, put Listlex on your forms and watch it work it’s magic. As I mentioned, there are a lot of other features and things you can leverage to ensure your leads are pristine, and none of them require you to contract any technical people to set up.  Here’s what the list set up page looks like, you can create these rules for each offer you have or for leads you buy from others.

Set up a Listflex account and start testing this on an offer or two. When you create your account, there’s no long term contracts or set up costs. It will take you about two minutes to create your account and you can begin.

New Account Signup: http://www.Listflex.com

Our sales team is available for any questions or assistance that you need.

Filters & Choices For Your Forms/List Set Up


As Always, if you have any questions about setting this up, feel free to reach out to is anytime.  customers@listflex.com

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