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(Free Script Below For Your Internal Lead QA)

If you’ve ever purchased traffic from affiliates, agencies, ad networks or any 3rd party, you surely know how inconsistent the quality of the leads can be. Even when you’re being told it’s all from the same source, you almost always start seeing metrics on your offer get wonky.

But how can that be? The test went great, everything was smooth, right? What changed? The “what changed” question plagues marketers daily. Marketers have 20 things moving at the same time on their offers, so it’s *possible* that the issue is internal…or is it? (The wild goose chase begins here)

If there’s any one thing that’s certain when it comes to traffic sources and partners, it’s that there are no certainties. It’s never ok to assume all of the traffic is the same, or that the sources aren’t blending in some test traffic or questionable leads to pad margins. You always have to be babysitting every single source, every day, no exceptions. Basically, trust no one.

However, there’s an easy long term solution to give you more peace of mind.  I found that the easiest way to secretly hold sources accountable is to physically call the leads and ask them what they signed up for. If you can get leads on the phone, you will undoubtedly know very quickly where your traffic is coming from and if the person was sent to your offer under approved circumstances (Example: Were they incentivized?).

I used third party customer service call centers to do all the work. They would do the dialing, using a script like the one below, document the important details and score every call. This process is usually very affordable and done overseas with great English speaking reps. Every call gets recorded and is provided to you for review. Our personal goal was to reach out to a minimum of 10-15% of all of the leads everyday and track all of our findings, not just the conversations.

Another option would be to assign an internal administrative assistant to the dialing of leads. You could get your system and process down internally, figure out simple ways to get more of the information you need, and then hand it off to scale with a professional call center. This scenario is usually the easiest way to start without taking on costs.

This system is an easy way to prevent headaches and help fine-tune your offers for better margins.
– You will find bad sources of traffic faster
– You will pay for fewer bad leads
– Your merchant processing has less risk
– You have fewer refunds and upset customers
– Less risk for lawsuits (if traffic isn’t compliant)
– And the list goes on

At the end of the day, if traffic sources think you’re going to accept the traffic, they’re going to send it and charge you. Even if it’s against the agreed upon rules. Check out the simple customer service script below and apply it to your niches.  Start gathering data on all of the publishers and sub id’s that feed your machine everyday.

Quality Assurance Script For Leads (Not Customers)

Notes for agent:
1 – If you get specific service or product questions from lead:
“I’m sorry, i’m only calling to help improve our service and quality assurance process.  Unfortunately, specifics about ________ I would have to have someone get back to you on. Would you like me to have someone contact you?”

2 – Feedback:
Document specific feedback from the lead. For example, if a person says they didn’t fill out any form, is angry for any reason, or makes specific statements like “just looking for a job”. 


Hello is _____ available?

“No” —>  Ok, no problem.  I was just calling __(lead name)__ back with a question about the information he/she just submitted to us.  I will try back later.  Thank you!

—> Oh, hello there __(lead name)__ .  I’m glad I was able to reach you.  My name is ___________ and I noticed you just signed up on our website for ____________.  I’m on our quality assurance team, and if it’s ok, I wanted to ask about your experience. Don’t worry, I’m not in sales, my job is to just make sure everything was clear and that your experience with us was good.

Can I ask you 3 really quick questions to help us improve our service? Should only take about 30 seconds, is that ok?

“No” —>  Ok, no problem, sorry to bother you, I understand. Thank you for your time.  Have a great rest of the day.

“Yes” —>  Ok Great.

Question 1:
Do you remember how you found our website?  Was it maybe a text message, banner, website or maybe an email that was sent to you? Do you recall?
(Document Answer) – (Ask for the specific website if the answer was website)

Oh, ok great.  Thank you.

Question 2:
What was the main reason you signed up for our _______________ product?
(Document Answer) Oh, ok great.  Thank you.

Question 3:
I see that you didn’t take advantage of the promotion and become a customer. Was there anything specific that was unclear or that didn’t make sense to you when you were on our site? Maybe something that we could improve on?
(Document Answer)

That’s it!  Thank you so much for taking that quick survey with me.  I appreciate it.  Because you took the survey, I am going to send you an email thanking you for your time.  In that email will be a special promotion in case you change your mind and want to start working with us.

Thanks again __(lead name)__, we appreciate your help! Have a great day!

(Hang Up)


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