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Admittedly, I started writing this post about a year ago and never finished it.  I scrapped most of the original content I had on this and will instead offer you a simple outline of how Listflex currently helps MLM & Network Marketing teams.

If you know me, you know that I started selling leads to network marketing companies 20 years ago. That job, and the experience in lead generation, catapulted me into a long list of companies and projects over the years. Some of the companies were great, some weren’t, but they all had the same things in common. Solve the problems that people and companies have with leads and distribution.

MLM & Network marketing companies all have hundreds or thousands of individual distributors who want to grow their teams. Prospecting and enrolling new people to share the products is the obvious but simple secret to their success.  But generating and providing leads to individual team members continues to be a challenge or problem for most groups, and it still remains today.

However, it doesn’t have to. Listflex has been solving most of the problems leaders face with getting leads to their team for almost 7 years. Basic issues like localized leads in specific areas, capping daily limits, pausing delivery and so on. All of the luxuries offered by big lead companies can be handled by one leader or person on the team with a Listflex account. It’s easy to manage leads for large teams, all who might have very specific requests on when they get leads or from what states or areas and so on.

If you want to use Listflex to help distribute leads to your team, you can:
– Give each team member a dedicated back office to get their leads
– Have each lead individually emailed to the team member
– Choose what days of the week team members get leads
– Choose what times of the day team members get leads
– Choose how many leads per day for each team member
– Choose to only send local leads to certain team members
– See what leads were sent to follow up with your team member

Having a consistent flow of new leads is vital for any group in MLM, but it’s a game changer when you are personally able to distribute those leads to your team based on their requests and rules that you control. Leads not being properly followed up with has plagued MLM teams and leaders, but this scenario will allow full transparency to the assigned leader so that you can work with your team in their follow ups and ask about specific leads they have received.

The alternative is that team members are all out on their own to fend for themselves. I’ve seen teams slowly come apart because everyone is out doing different things like getting leads, advice, scripts and systems from different places. When this occurs, it’s hard to unify the group with a common message and to move forward together. The teams I have seen experience the most growth are those that all work and communicate inside of one ecosystem and grow together.

Sign up today and grab an account. and click on “Sign Up”.

After your account is set up, you will have immediate access and can start putting your plan in place. There is a help section at the top, and you will want to start with the New User checklist. This checklist will help you navigate through all of the different areas inside of Listflex. Our support team is also standing by via live chat and email to assist. We can do on-boarding calls as well with team leaders to help dial things in quickly.

The fact is that there’s no better time in history than right now to scale up your team in any MLM. The world and current events have created a massive door of opportunity for those that can see it.  If you’re the leader of a team, now is the time to get your systems in place and grow.

This screenshot shows you one way you can organize lead orders to team members. You can prioritize team members by positions in what we call “Priority”.  You can easily see where the leads are going, how many each member has, if there is a fee, daily cap & if it’s active or not.  Inside of each order are simple rules and filters to select so that you can only ever deliver the perfect lead to that team member (geo location, caps, days of the week etc).

If your team uses leads and you want to help quarterback things, grab a Listflex account. Your account will be provisioned instantly for you to get things started. No long term contracts, you can cancel antime.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Get Leads?
Listflex does not provide prospects and leads for businesses, we provide the engine to automate everything after you get the lead. However, if you have specific requests, we can refer you to companies that will generate leads for you or sell you generic work from home leads.

If I’m Not Technical, Can I Still Do This?
95% of Listflex requires no technical knowledge at all. We have had regular folks with no tech experience use Listflex for years successfully.  However, like any technology, there are some things that are more advanced. Tech guys can be helpful when connecting your forms or API’s into the system, or if you’re required to API leads out. Our team is here toguide you on this if needed.

Does Listflex send emails?
Listflex does not send out emails to prospects. However, it’s easy to push your leads to any Email system of your choice. If you use things like Getresponse or another Email Provider, it’s very likely a simple integration to link them up.

Can We Charge For Leads?
Listflex has a full accounting system in place if the leader is charging for the leads. This allows teams to co-op lead purchases together and pay for marketing. Listflex doesn’t accept the actual credit cards, it only tracks leads and related costs or fees associated with payments.
*Note: Different companies have rules on if you can “sell” leads to your group.

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