New User Check List

Set Your Time Zone

Please set your time zone in order for all the dates in your account to be correct.

Video – How to set your time zone

Set Up A Vendor Account

Name the account – In House Account   This account will be a real account for internal use and your view only.

Video – Adding a vendor

Set Up Another Vendor Account/Profile This account will be for any company or partner who will provide you leads.

Set Up A Client Account

In-house Account, use this as the name of the account. This account will be for your internal use and your view only.

               Video – Set up clients

Set Up an Actual Client – This account will be for any company or individual who will receive leads.

Create New list Under In-house Vendor Account

Choose all of the rules & filters that a lead has to pass through to be a success.

Choose the List Type – Import, Priority Order or Bidding

              Video – How to set up a new list

Implement API From New List & Start Testing Importing via API

ListFlex autogenerates this api for you, implement it or upload manually.  API is found in Vendor account under “More Options” top right side.

             Video – Simple APIs

In-house Client Account – Set Up A Test Order

Choose “send leads”, then Live Feed, then “back office” delivery etc.

             Video – Setting up a test order

Browse Vendor Settings, Reports & Options

Click on list name to view list rules. Also, APIs, Scrub Logs & Backoffice.

            Video – Listflex vendors and related vendor details

Browse Client Settings, Reports & Options

APIs, Payments, Suppression Files, Back Office & More

           Video – Listflex clients and settings

Browse Reports After Leads are Importing and Delivering

Choose the reports tab and view each of the reports after leads are imported

          Video – Reports and where to go

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