Email Bonanza Course


Introduction To Email Bonanza

This video unpacks the course and what’s inside.

Overview of video course & expectations
Overview of the Email Bonanza Document

Welcome to the Email Bonanza video course! This course is set up specifically to help you understand all of the moving pieces to safely scaling up email marketing in any niche. Please watch the video and contact me if you have any questions!


The Invisible Tool

This invisible tool will be your edge.

This video will explain why the invisible tool has been one of the best kept secrets of email marketers.  We will go over the basic moving parts, logic and structure that will help lay the foundation for you to set up and scale email.




Organize Your Lead Sources & Email Destinations

This video outlines a couple basic things for you to start working on. The first is to take some time to think about the leads you are generating or that you have. Maybe they are leads in an autoresponder, .csv file on your computer, a third party partner etc. Think about what leads are important to you and you want to start emailing with this set up.

The second is setting up clients and API’s or destinations inside the client.  Don’t let the API portion be a hurdle. We’ve prebuilt the API’s for most email companies and have a tech team to assist you with any provider not on the list.  API’s can be scary at first, but when you see how easy they are inside of the system, you realize anyone can set them up.



Set Up Your List

Amazing filters & options available to apply.

Set up new lists in Listflex to accept leads. This video will show you all of the moving parts of creating a list so that you know how to choose the perfect settings for your situation. There are LOTS of Free filters and features for you to use with no technical set up!



Import Leads

Start getting leads imported and rolling.



Deliver Leads To Your ESP’s

Start mapping your client orders to your email destinations.

Every email service provider and front end SMTP solution has an API to seamlessly pipe leads in. Listflex has a big list of these pre-built api’s ready for you. This tutorial will explain how to set up API’s to your destinations insdie of your client account and will discuss some of the benefits of a very specific set up.



Create Orders

Set up your client orders to deliver leads to your mailers!

Creating client orders is an essential part of the process. This tutorial will give you a quick rundown of all the details in creating a client order, or multiple. It will go over all of the details of each rule and setting you can select, and shows you how to quickly copy orders for your specific needs.



Strategy – Multiple Orders

Easy set up and “Do’s & Don’ts” 

This video will help you understand the moving parts and how you can leverage Listflex to fit your email marketing objectives. We touch on common sense marketing tactics, list set up, client creation and rules along with orders.



Overview Of System

Lets review all of the moving parts.

This video will be a quick wrap up of the process and Email Bonanza system. It’s an important reminder that there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to email marketing. Understanding the tools you have and applying them to your specific industry and niche will play a critical role in the longevity and success for you.



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