Validate Leads – Is it worth it?


The landscape for any advertiser paying “per lead” can change at a moment’s notice. To complicate things further, ad networks and publishers all have the same goal – drive as many leads as possible to you for the least amount of money, or for the highest margin. This is exactly why you owe it to your business to validate leads.

Most advertisers who pay per lead are still playing the game of weeding out bad traffic, affiliates and publishers who send leads through that have zero value. Advertisers mostly rely on conversion reports to try and isolate issues by sub id, but in the meantime a lot of junk leads are getting through.

As you will see in my video, Listflex can run up to 20 checks in about 1 second on your form and then pass or fail the lead. And it can do so against the phone and/or email address.

It’s a lot easier for you to have your ad campaigns be profitable when you have all of the right checks and balances in place.

Lead Checks & Filters

Here are the checks and filters that can be run simultaneously on all of your forms.  Keep in mind that almost all of these are optional when setting up a list inside of Listflex.

Validate Email

Validate Phone

Validate Mailing Address

Your Suppression File

Listflex Suppression

Blacklisted Domains

National DNC


Known Bots

Bad Words

Government Emails



Correct Country

Spam Traps

Honey Pots

Known Complainers

Disposable Emails

Malformed Emails

Seed Emails

As you can see, all of these checks running when a lead is submitting their information can be extremely valuable. In addition to not having bad leads flow in to your email service providers or sales agents, you save yourself quite a bit of time, headache and money.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the whiteboard video above.  (It’s the same breakdown on 100 leads)

100 Form Sumit Attempts


Signing up for Listflex is easy. Visit our website and create an account HERE. It takes about 2 minutes to set up your account for use, and there’s no sign up fee right now (previoulsy was $499).  And if you have any questions, one of our support reps would be happy to guide you! Just shoot us an email at your convenience. customers@listflex.com.

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  1. This is a pretty nifty breakdown. I do have to disagree on the not giving a subscriber an opportunity to fix the input info. In my experience, letting them know that the email is incorrect is generally a good idea. Thanks for the video.

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