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Lead Management Is The #1 Problem Mailers Face Today

Trying to manage leads from your own offers, leads you purchased, all the form filters you need, managing your clients and email destinations… 

All while trying to only send certain ISP’s and limiting leads to different places.

It's a lot...but we've got you covered.

But you might be thinking...
"Wait problems are inboxing, scaling up and better partner mailing solutions."


Think about it…the companies that send email for you want your money.  However, they want it without problems.  And what causes them problems?  Bad leads.

90% of our conversations are with mailing teams that are constantly jumping around from new provider to the next. But why….?

Lack Of Technology Is Why

And the list goes on and on…

So We Invented The 
"Lead Import Waterfall"

Now you can buy leads, upload leads or get leads from anywhere with 100% confidence.

1 Click "Waterfall" Filters

Filters Out Bad Leads

After you bring in the perfect lead, you can 
automate and route it anywhere - seamlessly.

But What Do I know....?

Listflex Founder - Scott Heistand

“I spent 10 years testing, building and trying everything we could think of to scale email marketing. I ultimately realized there weren’t any real solutions out there, not even shortcuts or “hidden secrets” that the guru’s were preaching. 

So we finally came to the conclusion that to scale our email we needed to automate everything with the leads we were receiving & buying. With my past experiences and piecing together the golden nuggets learned along the way…Listflex was born. Within a few months, we scaled email to levels most people dream of…”


Scott Heistand - ListFlex Co-Founder

Listflex came alive and we quickly became an email marketing powerhouse for our own offers & as a publisher…

But I learned that others needed 
this too, and that's why...
ListFlex is available to you today!!

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