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A Simple Way To Warm Up Cold Leads

Every marketer and company has a pile of leads sitting somewhere on their computer desktop or in a file somewhere collecting dust. More often than not, marketers will never get around to breathing life back into those leads or will just end up forgetting about them entirely.

I have conversations on a weekly basis with marketers who want to re-engage “cold” leads with an email marketing plan.  Some examples are companies that have large clicker and opener files and just need an ecosystem to upload and start testing, others are guys that got kicked off of their current email provider for one reason or another.

In either case, there’s a ton of gold in those files, and we know it. There are a small handful of things you should line up to re-activate these leads, however, one of the most important things is the first email you send after the leads haven’t heard from you in a while.

There will be two main goals with the first email to cold leads. The first is goal is to not make them angry about hearing from you again, and the second is to ask them a simple question that they are likely to respond to.

I call the first message warming them back up the “warm and fuzzy” email. It has to be an email that is very personalized, but not shoving a product their way. It also needs to have a personalized question that is relevant to the original niche they signed up in. It should be an email that makes them feel good and that brings them back mentally to the original signup and direction you want to send them.

The question portion of the first email is all about Google and in-boxing. The theory is that Google places a Huge amount of weight or relevance on engagement. If you have a ton of people hitting “reply” to your email to answer the question, Google loves that and your inbox odds will skyrocket. It’s said that Google now controls upwards of 70% of all emails, so this is an absolute must for you on the first email and other follow ups if you can.

Below is a sample “warm and fuzzy” email template that you can use to accomplish the goal of re-activating or re-engaging cold leads. This is a generic template, but you will get the idea and can tweak it to your liking and niche. Again, I call it the “warm and fuzzy” email because it needs to be welcoming to the warm or cold leads you send it to. 

= = = = = = = = =

“Warm & Fuzzy” – Email 1 – Sample Generic Template

Subject: Here You Go First Name!

Hi FirstName,

Thanks again for requesting more information on our _____________!

I know it’s been a little bit, but we’re still working with people all over the world just like you to help bring simple solutions that can be done from the comfort of your home. With or without experience, we want to help!  And I’m sure we can still help you too!

But I need your help….Can you do me a favor?

Can you hit “reply” on this email and send any questions, thoughts or things that you want to learn more about regarding ___________? I want to make sure that your experience with us moving forward is in line with what you want right now. Is that ok?

And if you don’t mind, in your reply, any chance you could also include your ______________ goal with me? What ______________ you want to get to?

After you email me back, I will email you with a download that will help you get more info on our latest __________, it’s usually something we charge for, but i’ll send it as a thank you for the feedback.

Just hit reply to this email and let me know! Thanks so much and I look forward to reconnecting with you!

All the best,

Charlie Murphy

PS: After you email me your _______________, give me about an hour or so to get you the download. I will email it back.

= = = = = = = = = =

As you can see in the email, it’s very basic and isn’t shoving a service or product at them.  More importantly, it’s not click bait with no value or content in the email. The click bait emails are one of the fastest ways to blow up your ip reputation, url’s and email service providers.

When you decide to breathe life back into leads, or you’re getting leads from partners that might not “know” you yet, here are a some basic general rules that I recommend. If you follow these, a lot of your email relationships will last longer and produce a lot more results.

  • When adding leads, never add more than 500 per day (Use Listflex throttle feature)
  • Use autoresponders for 90% of your email sends (not campaigns)
  • Make sure every email is packed with content and value
  • Never send more than 1 or 2 emails in a day
  • Never use affiliate links right in the email
  • Always use domains you own and that have niche specific content to match email content
  • Clean out all in-actives monthly that are over 30 days old (non clickers / non openers)
  • Ask people to reply to your emails as often as you can
  • Send for a week or two and move clicks / opens to a new list
  • Stop mailing the in-actives after the 2 weeks (or window of time you choose)

Follow the basic plan / road map above and you will see extraordinary longevity from your Email Service Providers, SMTP’s or wherever you send leads from. Email marketing is like anything else in life, it’s an art. And when it’s done right, with the purpose of helping people solve a problem in their life, you can scale it aggressively with great success.  Unfortunately I too often see folks cut corners or only do 50% of the above list.  

Feel free to take the “warm and fuzzy” email above and tweak it to your industry and world. From there you can load up your leads into Listflex and map out a plan to start breathing life back into your prospects without all the normal headaches marketers worry about.

If you have questions or would like to connect about your situation, just send me an email and we can jump on a quick call.


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