This feature is designed for situations when you want to convert 1 or more values being posted into your Listflex list into something a client integration requires.

For Example, let’s imagine that a list seller is posting country into Listflex as “usa, us, united states, america”, but you want all those values in the country field to be converted into “US” before being posted to a client’s integration. To accomplish this, you would need JSON that looks like this.

Now let’s say you have multiple sets of values that you want converted into specific ones. Example: Your vendor is passing a custom field as “Jeep Wrangler”, “Wrangler”, “YJ”, “TJ”, but your client wants all those to just say “JEEP”. At the same time that same vendor is passing in the same custom field “Pontiac”, “Pontiac Sunfire”, but your client wants those to be “PONT”. Here is what you would need to accomplish that.

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